At Trinity Mergers, we are aiming our Hotels will be hospitality reimagined and redesigned; The most innovative and quality hotel chain in the world. Fast to set up using new sophisticated modular technologies backed by modern-age Internet of things technology and secured by state of the art cryptographic technologies. Truly innovative and environmentally friendly, energy-independent smart facilities providing a one-of-a-kind hotel experience.


In coming years, we’re seeing a projected increase in number of hotels: not only at the regional space but in the global sphere. We are aiming of over 20 percent growth in 2019, year on year. One of the keys to this is intra-regional travel. Another significant driver is the investment from countries in the region to expand their airports, which brings travelers into the region. Also, we are expecting our recent collaboration with Bit Nine Group to be a play a significant role in achievement of our near mid-term and long-term objectives.

Expansion Across the ASEAN Region, GCC Countries and South Asian Markets

We already have a big network of hotels—both residential and commercial—across the European region, which we are aiming to expand over the course of next few years. We have in our pipeline over 40 more hotels across Malaysian, Indonesia, Japan, UAE, KSA, Qatar, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. For Dubai and UAE especially, With Expo 2020 coming up, along with all the associated investment in tourism, we think there is plenty more opportunity to follow up on what we’ve got already.

Supporting Virtual Currencies

Virtual Currencies, over the course of last few years has taken the world by storm and given their enormous potential in hand, they are bound to take over 30% of the world’s user-base by 2030. Taking this into consideration, we have already partnered up with Nine Group, a leading blockchain based infrastructure company with dedicated token Nine Coin, that would be used in our hotels. The new token will be used as one of the payment methods for all hotels of Trinity transactions within our hotel network worldwide. This token will be used not only for service fees, but also for food purchases, scooter and jet-ski rentals, and all other transactions across the chain globally.

Powered by IoT and Smart Technologies

Our planning for the hotels that are to be developed ahead includes these smart hotels to be using IoT Powered sensors and devices to manage resources and help the automation process, making hotel life easier, more efficient, affordable, and more fun.

Modular Construction

The hotels are that are to be built over the course of next few years with leading-edge technology utilizing modular units that can be stacked and layered far more dynamically than typical concrete construction. Their modular nature also allows for hotel production to be completed up to 4x faster than traditional construction.

Sustainable Energy Independence

Our tech team is developing the most efficient energy solutions in regards to solar energy, water collection and re-use, automation, and space management. Not only does this mean a minimal environmental footprint, but the hotels are essentially “off the grid”.

In 2018, Trinity Merger Corp will be focused on the capital injection of Southeast Asian enterprises, grasp the opportunities for economic development in Southeast Asia, and obtain the best investment income.



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